Help to continue Open eBooks' extraordinary vision

Open eBooks is an e-reader app and initiative making thousands of popular, top-selling eBooks available to kids from in-need families for free. The public-private initiative is designed to address the challenge of providing digital reading materials to children living in in-need households, and offers unprecedented access to quality digital content curated by professional librarians, including a catalog of eBooks valued at more than $250 million.

It is our belief that providing access to a diverse selection of engaging books will spark a lifetime love of reading, whether at libraries, bookstores, or through other eBook reading apps. In order to realize the full potential of this extraordinary vision, the Open eBooks Initiative seeks funding to support the initial three-year phase.

If you represent a philanthropic organization interested in supporting our work in this important area of reading, literacy, and education, or you are a private citizen and wish to make a contribution, please contact us. We would welcome an opportunity to share our long-term strategy with you.

For Publishers

What are the terms of use?

We encourage publishers to contribute titles that can be used by multiple ​users simultaneously throughout the term of the project (multiple user, perpetual access). We hope publishers will consider making their content available to all users, regardless of income level.

How long is the commitment?

The initial commitment for supplying content is for three years.

How will I know my eBooks are being used?

In order for publishers to make collection development decision, we will provide usage statistics on a quarterly basis.

What formats does the Open eBooks app use?

The Open eBook app uses EPUB 2.0 and EPUB 3.0. Currently the reading app does not support PDF files, but we hope to accommodate this format in future releases.

I'm a publisher interested in contributing eBooks to in-need children. How can I get in touch?

Please contact us to learn more about contributing to the Open eBooks program.